Decision Power is a Consulting and IT Development business based in the south west of the United Kingdom. We specialise in providing quality solutions to business clients in the fields of:
  • Business Process Analysis
  • Database development
  • Web design and development for:
    • Schools
    • Holiday Homes
    • Small to Medium Businesses
  • Capacity Planning
  • Inventory Management
  • Education and Training
  • Digital Photography and Virtual Tours

Managing Partner, Dave McMillan, has many years of experience in manufacturing and IT development. He has worked in all sectors of industry with large international clients and also small local businesses. In addition Dave has considerable experience and expertise in running workshops and education programmes across a range of subject including planning and control, IT skills, Short Cycle Management and personal development. Contact: decisionpower

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To discuss how we can assist your business then please call us today on 01278 760889 or 07768 701009

We also have holiday property to let in the French Alps

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